Ninja Updates:

Effective January 1, 2008

All Ninja® styles with Bi-Polymer, HPT™ and PU coatings will feature Latex-Free wristings.  By replacing Natural Rubber Latex yarns in the wrist area with new stretchable Latex-Free yarns, we can offer our customers products that are truly 100% Latex-Free

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Midas Safety manufactures a diverse assortment of premium protective gloves including NFPA Certified Medical Examination Gloves, Complex Design Chemical Resistant Gloves and our fascinating new line of Ninja® hand protection.
Our gloves provide the protection, dexterity and the comfort needed to achieve higher productivity and experience fewer injuries. A multitude of industries use our gloves, including automotive, medical, chemical, environmental, metal fabrication, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, plastics, pulp & paper, household and many more.
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