Ninja Updates:

Effective January 1, 2008

All Ninja® styles with Bi-Polymer, HPT™ and PU coatings will feature Latex-Free wristings.  By replacing Natural Rubber Latex yarns in the wrist area with new stretchable Latex-Free yarns, we can offer our customers products that are truly 100% Latex-Free

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Unmatched Comfort & Softness
  • 15-gauge Fashion Grade Nylon/Spandex® Shell for the ultimate in comfort
  • Proprietary Bi-Polymer Coating provides unsurpassed softness and durability
  • Organic Silicone-Free & DMF-Free Coating
  • Also available in Knuckle Coated, Fully Coated and Mechanic’s Style with Velcro Closure
  • Safe for Food Contact Per EEC Commission Directive 2002/72/EC for Foodstuffs
  • Treated with to kill bacteria and promote freshness
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  • Precision Assembly Operations, Light Fabrication, Inspection and Packaging
Style Description Sizes
NX00 Ninja® X with Bi-Polymer Coating XS-XXL
NX10 Ninja®X with Bi-Polymer Knuckle Coating XS-XXL
NX20 Ninja®X with Bi-Polymer Coating and
Velcro Closure
NX30 Ninja® X with Full Bi-Polymer Coating XS-XXL
NX20 NX10 NX30
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European Design Protection for Seamless Glove Designs with Velcro Closures has been registered by Midas Safety, Inc. under Reference #000595210
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