Disposable natural latex glove - Industrial Grade
Smart Technology
Fit Smart
Form fitting design
Grip Smart
Superior grip
Breathe Smart
  • Chemical protection against: Sodium Hydroxide (K), Sulfuric Acid (L), Hydrogen Peroxide (P) and Formaldehyde (T)
  • Disposable gloves for use with food and protection against chemicals
  • Comfortable and flexible, they provide solid protection for your hands and the products you are handling.
  • Complies with EU food regulation
Product Code NJULT007
Sizes 7/S - 10/XL
Length 300 mm
Coating Natural latex | Surface Pattern: Textured on palm and fingers | Glove Finish: Chlorinated / Powder Free | Industrial grade: AQL 1.5 Palm thickness: 0.28 mm (11 mil)
Coating Colour Blue
EN 374-1 2016 TYPE Type B
EN 374-1 2016 SCORE KLPT
EN ISO 374-5: 2016 VIRUS Virus
  • General use
  • Housekeeping
  • Restaurant service
  • Food handling
  • Inspection
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics
  • Precision assembly
  • Photography and printing
  • Telecommunications
  • Painting Jobs