Vulcan CA3

The specialist in cut and heat protection for your forearms.
Tecnología inteligente
Fit Smart
Form fitting design
Grip Smart
Superior grip
Breathe Smart
  • 37 cm woven sleeves protect forearms from cuts and heat contact (up to 120˚C heat on direct contact for 15 seconds)
  • Flexible and adjustable with a thumb slot to prevent slipping
  • Made from flexible 100% Kevlar® fabric, they provide protection in medium risk environments
  • Wearing Ninja® Vulcan Sleeves with appropriate gloves keeps your forearms and hands fully protected
Product Code 100CL5914600608x
Sizes One size
Length L 37 cm
Liner 37cm Kevlar® Sleeve with Thumb Slot
Liner Colour Yellow
EN 388:2016 1343C
EN 388:2016 CUT C
EN 388:2016 ABRASION 1
EN 407:2004 X2XXXX
ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 CUT A3
  • Manufacture of artifacts
  • Automobile assembly
  • Metal fabrication
  • Glass industry
  • Maintenance work in mines