Smart Technology

Ninja® offers a perfect blend of art and science that only experience can lead to its perfection. We believe that construction of personal protection equipment is as much an Art form as it is Science. The technologies utilised in our gloves are continuously developed by our expert team that uses market research and analysis with the latest technological developments.

Enhanced Grip: The advanced micro-capillaries finish enhances the glove’s grip performance by capturing excessive oil/water and maintaining friction between the coating and the grip surface. This special process of coating, artful mixing and dipping of polymers determine just the right amount of grip required for wet, oily or dry conditions.

360 Degree Breathability: It’s a specialised process of air diffusion through our “Fine Foam Technology” coating which releases the heat and reduces perspiration build-up inside the glove to help keep the hands dry and cool.

is the art of achieving outstanding thermal protection in Ninja® gloves without compromising on dexterity and comfort, by utilising a well-established concept of the ‘glove in glove’ system.

Outstanding Cut Resistance: It is a specialised process of making high performance engineered liners from high tensile yarns using our fully integrated manufacturing facilities that ensure unmatched cut resistance quality. Re-enforcement: The unique strength of this process provides high dexterity, great comfort and maximum cut resistance. Its shielding effect keeps sharp cut hazards (metal, blades, glass) from slipping between fibres and causing cut injuries.

Excellent Bonding Strength: It’s a specialised process of spinning the right blend of high quality yarns, skilfully knit into durable liners, coated with the purest quality polymers of the highest bonding strength, giving Ninja® gloves unmatched durability. Durability: Ninja® gloves remain intact after 25,000 abrasion cycles versus competitor gloves which last less than 11,000 abrasion cycles.

High Performance Finish: It’s a specialised high performance speciality finish that will resist certain chemicals in relation to polymer surface and provide excellent grip in dry, wet or damp, and oily conditions.

Form, Fit and Feel: It’s a specialised process that replicates the contours, shapes and lines of the human hand to provide outstanding comfort.

Specialised Knitting Technology: A combination of high quality yarns and knitting techniques are used to design ergonomic liners which provide maximum comfort in moderate, hot or freezing conditions while providing all-out relief and comfort.